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IBM and Linux our biggest threats - Microsoft

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  • IBM and Linux our biggest threats - Microsoft

    Eric Rudder, senior vice president developer and platform evangelism, set the tone. "IBM is our greatest competitor. In the way they sell products and compete in corporate accounts," he said.

    Paul Flessner, senior vice president .NET enterprise servers, called IBM and Linux a "formidable" challenge. "It's not just IBM alone, it's not just Linux alone," he said.

    He said it had been a tough year for server companies. "The number that scares me the most, is that the number of servers shipped [this year] was down," he said.
    Från: The Register USA
    So long and thanks for the fish.

    Tyvärr så har jag nu en person på min ignoreringslista. Personen ifråga höjer inte trivselfaktorn här, snarar tvärtom varför jag nu tackar för mig!